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 The Laws of the Lorien

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Draven Javad
Draven Javad

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PostSubject: The Laws of the Lorien   10/3/2010, 9:26 pm

Yes unfortunately as you all well know there are always rules for these sort of things so let's quiet down and listen up. There are two different rule sets One is for general conduct and the other is for roleplaying. read them BOTH!

General Site Rules:

1. Respect
I know for a fact you all know what this is so there is no "I didn't know". This means nothing that can be deemed offensive to others. Racism, religious bashing, comments on ones sexuality, etc. These are all NOT tolerated and very easy to be hit by the ban hammer, so just don't do it.

2. Maturity
Yes this is a site where people underage come and play, but that doesn't mean act like children. No childish behavior such as whining, sniveling, or bickering with or against anyone, mainly the Admin and mods.

3. Literacy.
Seriously NO txt talk. rely do dis hurt your head & make u feel dum? Don't do it. SPELL OUT YOUR WORDS! This site is a literate site. We aren't saying you have to be perfect we are saying do your best. leave the txt talk for your phone!

4. Content
Avatars, signatures, and any other images, are to be pg-13 or under! no nudes, nothing derogatory this again goes under the respect rule. So don't put in things that could be offensive. If photobucket won't allow it neither will we. Images of breasts showing nipples, and removed undergarments are not allowed. A sexy style images showing a female and male covered are allowed with discretion of the Admin and mods.

5. Religion:
This is a touchy subject. Many people have their own beliefs, this being said I want nothing. I understand that some people believe in one true God and others have their variations this is fine, don't try and convert people to your faith because you believe it's wrong. As for the 'gods' these are entirely fictional and make the realistic views of blasphemy and religious wars come to life for more in detailed character creation. That stays in roleplay section ONLY, this plays under the maturity rule!

Roleplaying Rules:

1. Literacy:
This is a THIRD or first person roleplay meaning. 'Bobby is walking down the street when he hears a noise.' OR 'I walk down the road and hear a noise.' One liners are frowned upon as this it literate so we request at least four sentences.. Again we want you to do your best when it comes to roleplaying, yes writers block happens but there is no excuse for anyone over the age of 13 to be writing one line of text for a roleplay. You have ALL had plenty of writing experience through schooling and notes back and forth in class. No excuses and no TEXT TALK! Rely dis hurtz ppls Is, and makes you look stupid in the process.

2. Godmoding
For those that don't know what this is. simply it's playing god in the terms of being invulnerable, not taking damage in fights, and knowing what the other person is doing. This means reading minds without the other persons consent, or grabbing, hitting stabbing, killing other characters that are controlled by other users of the site. It is not allowed.

3. Content
This is a real life style roleplay. smoking, drinking, Romance [No sex], racism, sexism, religious bashing, heretics, violence [only in the fighting scenes], mugging, etc. These are allowed in the roleplay section ONLY, these can also be placed into the characters profile and background story. [for those that don't like being confined to writing limitation]

4. Characters:
You are the creator of your own character and can have up to ten (10) characters. We feel that ten characters are sufficient in roleplaying. You may create a profile for each character. Character profiles are a must this way everyone can know about it and you don't forget the basics of your creation. If you have trouble creating the profile we will have a template for them for you to follow. We can also help tell you what is and is not allowed abilities wise, and help with the creation for your benefit. You may use images for the look of your character, however this administration does not allow real life images of people. Hand drawn images, pictures of anime is fine, But PLEASE try and use something that isn't copyrighted. I know that there are certain things where people find an image and don't know it belongs to something but don't go looking for like 'Buffy the vampire slayer pics' in a search engine and saying it's yours.

Actor(ress') are paid for their talents and their face for movies or plays. there for stealing someones face for the purpose of roleplaying is just like plagiarism and will not be tolerated.

5. Abilities:
Your characters are not godly they can't be all powerful. Yes there is a variety of things that can be considered godly like for example elemental powers, super strength, vampires immortality, and things like this, these are fine. What the admins and I have determined is that you may not harness the power of traveling through time, knowing what the other person is thinking, or even having the power of a nuke with a spell. Mages/ wizards are welcomed but they are limited to using their own personal energy to perform spells. This means that the more powerful the spell the more energy used. Example a minor healing spell takes little energy, while demolishing a city can be fatal to the spell weaver.
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The Laws of the Lorien
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