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 The Fall and Rise of Lorien

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PostSubject: The Fall and Rise of Lorien   5/23/2011, 7:33 am

This is an extract from the scribe, Ima Storyteller's account, of a momentous day in Loriens history............

The Elven kingdom of Lorien was essentially sealed off from all the kingdoms. Its borders were patrolled through night and day and none were allowed to enter .

In the middle of town a circle of benches had been arranged and a small stage erected in its centre. A rope barrier extended the full circumference of these benches but was placed 30 paces back, behind which the population of Lorien awaited the trial that was in folk lore to become known as ‘Lorien’s Fall and Rise’.

Seated around the circle were the tribe Elders of the Council, The Lady Galadriel, Sara Princess Hellraiser, Spookjes Queen Dracula, Dave Commander of Lorien, Derrian Dark Commander, Ron Bartholomew Doctor, Shantor Firemaster, Lucien Vampire Lord and several high ranking townspeople. Seated on two chairs next to the stage were the two creatures Pacifica and Demonica.

A hush descended on the assembled crowds as the Speaker for the Council ascended the two steps onto the stage in the centre of the gathering.

“Peoples of Lorien, guests of Lorien. We are here to decide on the fate of this fair forest. The two creatures sat before us are guardians, one from the overworld called Pacifica, and one from the underworld, Demonica. They are the guardians of a vortex known simply as ‘The Hollow’. This ‘Hollow’ in simple terms is a hole in space and time that sucks in anything in its path if allowed, but it targets magic as its main source. These two creatures tasks are to keep this ‘Hollow’ from manifesting itself amongst the living, but due to the increased levels of magic within Lorien this is becoming almost impossible. If the ‘Hollow’ does break free, Lorien will be lost……….

The murmuring of the crowds increased and voices could be heard shouting and arguing from all around the gathering. One clear voice rose above the others and soon became a chant… “Banish the Dragons! Banish the Demons! Banish the Vampires! …….” Soon the whole village seemed to be shouting these same three phrases and the guards were hard pressed in keeping the populace back, when stepping up onto the stage came the regal and beautiful Lady Galadriel. She raised her hand to the sky and brilliant blue white light burst from her hand. The crowd silenced as one as they awaited her words ………..

“My people, my family, my friends, please remain calm. We shall find a way as we always have. My heart is in Lorien, as is my soul and I shall not abandon her. I shall fight until the last breath of my body, the last beat of my heart. There will be a way to save the forest – our home, so please I implore you – remain calm”.

Demonica looked on with a very bored expression. The hellfire slowly playing between her fingers as she eyed the Council. Suddenly she stands up.

"Bah" she snapped "what an utter WASTE of my demonic time. Better summon the Hollow now and recreate creation as we speak".

Pacifica raised her angelic hand "You shall NOT release the Hollow, not yet. There is much bargaining to be done, and a balance can be restored, you know this. You are bound like me to control this balance."

Demonica snarled, the hellfire slumbering in her eyes. "Balance! You and your balance. I cannot believe I have had to listen to all this angelic holy mumbo jumbo from you for all these years”. “You angels make me sick”. (Does a mock sneeze) "You see!! I am allergic to you!! Told you so!!!"

As Demonica eyed the listening council, a devilish smile played across her lips. "All dark powers are to be gone from Lorien. That means ALL powers.” "With a satisfied smile Demonica eyes Spookje. "That includes YOU my dear!"

Laughs. “Light stays light: as Pacifica so kindly put it. I get all my dark powers to go to their rightful place”. Eyes Spookje.

Oh! You are the ONLY Dracula left now aren't you?. Hmmmmm -- how convenient. Makes you a prime target NOW. (laughs her demonic laugh)

“Ah, no worries, we can always BARGAIN for your safety you know. Derrian will not always be able to protect you”.

She laughs a demonic laugh, and plays again with her hellfire; Her devilish eyes glaring at the council.

Pacifica looks on in with a sad expression. “It is true what Demonica says, I cannot change this. All dark powers must return to their realms. This even I cannot change.”

The angel looks onto all with pity…………

The Lady Galadriel looks at both in turn:

“Enough !! We shall all take a recess to decide on the order of this meeting – That! You can at least give us !!”

Dave takes this break to answer a summons received in his mind. As the commander walks, a huge wolf with dark red eyes appears in front of him and transforms into Dracula. He holds up his hands.

"You and I need to talk, and we need to talk now."

"Dave, I did not save my daughter’s life to have her thrown into an evil wasteland."

"You realize what this means if that happens?"

"She is the only Dracula Dave, and the only one with those powers. Dark as they are, there are none like hers. If she goes there, she is going to be the prime target for every demon who wants that power. And Demonica WANTS that power."

Dracula shakes his head. And looking to Dave says.

“I would rather take her life myself then let those powers become my only daughter’s curse for the rest of eternity."

"I can take those powers back, and she can be made Elven like you."

"But I can only do this, if, as her brother you will swear to protect her. I will personally have your Elven hide if you do not do this."

“But I am going to need your blood if I am to do this. You have magic blood, and your blood is the only thing that will not clash with hers. With it I can change her."

“If I remove the vampire powers, they need to be replaced, with Elven blood. She will in effect no longer be your adoptive sister, but your blood sister, and totally Elven. I shall retake my own powers."

Dracula looks sternly at Dave.

"I will only do this if I have YOUR word of protecting my daughter. I cannot do this, if I do not, have your word. The spell will not work, it will kill her. Effectively it will break her heart." “Meet me in the meadow with Spookjes as soon as you can, if you agree.”

Dave nodded and walked back to the circle. Seeing Spookjes he quickly took her arm and retiring to a quiet spot, related his meeting.

“It is up to you too my sister, but you must decide quickly. If Demonica suspects what we are doing all Hell will probably and literally break loose.”

Spookjes grabs Daves arm and starts hurriedly walking towards the meadow. “Come on then, lets get this over with, Brother!!”

Dracula paced around the meadow in the moonlight. His face was set with rage and worry. “Demonia dare threaten my daughter. Ohhh, you just bit off more then you can ever chew you pathetic little demon. My daughter you shall not have. And you cannot even think of my wrath”………He stopped and turned towards a noise he heard. Ahh Dave and my daughter. Sending a telepathic message Spookjes begins to greet her father . "SShhhhhh there are more ears then you know of my beautiful girl, she hears all that is come to pass“.

Dracula sits down and looks at his daughter. "What is to be done, must be done. I WILL protect you, if keeping you from this is having to make you an Elven beauty, then so I shall...he sees his daughter's confusion and raises his hand. You are going to have to trust me because we have to be quick very quick.”…….. "Derrian is going to see you as prey. Beautiful as you are, you will smell like prey, especially to a vampire as dark as himself. He might be able too control it...but it will not last long. Do not tempt the dark Commander by coming too close. That body is going to be broken, I did not want to do this but if I am to save you AND Derrian from Demonia it is the only way. Those Wolf-powers of his are linked, and are way too powerful, she wants that too”.

Spookje simply sits and looks at her father. "Do not leave me”

Dracula shakes his head. "You are my daughter. I am sworn to protect you. There are no boundaries that will keep me from seeing you, and talking to you. Demonia cannot break such a bond. Pacifica cannot, no one can."

Turning to Dave, “We must hurry”. …Spookje feels a deep slumber and falls into a deep sleep in her fathers arms. Dracula is careful and slits the snake veins on Spookjes throat. The blood is drained as he retakes it. Dave can see his sister is pale and barely breathing. Dracula turns to Dave. “Give me your wrist”… "By all the bats! You are an army Commander! Act like one and stop whining, give me your arm!”

Dracula grabs the Commanders arm, and before Dave knows it, a deep artery is opened. The flow of dark Elven blood slowly begins to return the colour to Spookjes. For what seems like an eternity all is quiet. The light Commanders arm is released, the gash sealed. Dracula seals the small puncture on his daughter’s neck. Then waits…….

There is a flash of golden power, and smiling Dracula pulls his daughter up….“It is done.”…... Spookje slowly begins getting used to the new sensations. Her father guides her to a small pond and shows her reflection. Spookje gasps. she finds she looks precisely like her father only in this case a beautiful night elf. She looks at her father, and feels his full strength is there. He is no longer a ghost. In a cry, she hugs him. She still has the blue snakes on her arms, but they are glowing less darkly. Dracula smiles. “You ARE a Dracula Spookje, those tattoos will not go away, they are your birthright”.

Fondly Dracula looks at his daughter, then looks to Dave. “You my friend had BETTER protect her, if not from enemies, then from every suitor.. Dracula laughs softly. "Dave she is a Dracula she will be come even more beautiful with each cycle of the moon in this Elven form. Better tell your doctor he may have to make up a few more beds, what with all the accidents you will have here, from all those who will look twice and bump into a wall!”

Demonia in the mean time is playing with her balls of hell-fire and making them somersault above the stage. She singes the stage with the fire.

“Ooopsies.” Laughs evilly.

“Do I get the dark powers? or do we release the hollow and send all of Lorien to oblivion? I can use a new playground!”

Pacifica radiates calm. The angel has a knowing smile on her face.

Ah, what are you smiling about feather wings? The angel shrugs.

Demonia gives the angel an evil grin and continues to play with the hell-fire, her devil eyes now zooming in on Daekano.

At that point the angel intervenes. A blinding protecting holy light surrounds Daekano. Pacifica’s’ eyes flame holy light.

“You shall not touch those of the light or those that cannot defend themselves it is NOT the deal”.

Demonia shrugs. "Ah he would have made a pathetic hellhound anyway”.

Demonia is still playing with her hell-fire when she stops it in midair. It turns into a blazing hell-fire ball which she tosses.

Dracula captures the fireball expertly and crushes it in his hands. His vampire eyes turn to Demonia.

"Did I miss something, or did I just crash you party?”

Demonia laughs. "She will be mine.”

Dracula laughs. "Demonia you think you will have my daughter - Ha!”.

At that point the Light Commander enters the council with a beautiful night elf on his arm, in every aspect she looks like Dracula.

Dracula laughs. "You see Demonia you may see, but I can cloak”.

"Pacifica stifles a soft laugh and turns to Demonia. “Effectively that means Spookje is a light power now”.

Demonia eyes Dracula. "Bah, am I to be scared of you then?”

Spookje pulls Dave down in his seat. "Don’t say a word, don’t intervene. If my father gets THAT look, all Hell breaks loose. I look to Dave "I have the same look when I get mad remember, and you know what that is like! My father is ten times worse". Dracula's eyes narrow to slits. Demonia glares back. There is a snap of her fingers and a crash of a building as the vampire castle is vanquished. the devilish look in Demonia is back. "It is evil so it is mine”.

Pacifica gasps. "You are breaking the rules. that is not how it has been laid down.”

Dracula casually studies his finer nails and glares at Demonia. There is a playful smile on his lips. Spookje is shaking her head. "Oh no no-no not THAT smile. Now he is really angry!!!

Dracula rubs his fingers, and turns his eyes to Demonia.

“Oh you little pathetic little demon you. Ever heard of - do not bite off more then you can chew....I think you just did. What an utter WASTE of my vampire time!”

Dracula’s eyes turn hard. "I have had just about enough of you and your bargaining and your games.”

Demonias’ very own hell-fire ball now sits in Dracula's hand. He tosses it like a ball as Demonias’ eyes widen.

Dracula tosses the fireball. "Never did like your sightseeing anyways you pesky little demon.”

With a resounding crash Demonia is dispelled in a cry of fiery flames.

Dracula takes Demonias seat. He eyes Pacifica. “Let's finish this deal and keep this hollow intact angel of the light.”


Dracula and the angel calmly await what all have to say.

Pacifica leans forward. "The Dark powers and the Light are going to clash in this beautiful realm. To show co-operation all must be returned to their respective realms in order to restore the balance. The Dark vampires have no home left. I realize that”.

Pacifica sits silent for a moment then turns her eyes on the Dark Commander. "I will restore your land and I give you back your kingdom over which you have ruled so many years”.

Spookjes eyes widen. Derrian a vampire king?

Pacifica's eyes narrow . "Your plan to claiming the Dracula vampire as your underworld queen, and thus having access to her powers is not going to work. That bond which you so cleverly tried to achieve, and almost pulled off, has been broken by the only one who could. Dracula”.

Dracula stares the vampire king down. He laughs. "Do you really think I approved of the bond then Dark king. I did not. And now...I can intervene. Your plan is flawed, and YOU shall answer to A Dracula instead…… ME!!!”

Spookje is sitting with tears in her eyes she cannot believe all she is hearing. Her Elven eyes meet Derrian. "Is this true she whispers, is this what I was to be, a fancy bat accessory, only to be a play toy for you just so you could access my powers"?

The Dark king leans on his elbows and gives Spookje a dark smile. "And so it was Spookje, and convenient it was as well. I almost did pull it off. Shakes his head. "If Demonia had not beat me to it that is. She wanted my powers too you know”.

Laughs again. "And so I failed. You would have made beautiful queen at my side indeed”.

Smiles at Spookje...”Ahhh but you are no more than a Dracula elf, oh and you do smell.....delicious I must say”.

Sara's eyes spit murder as they eye Derrian. She is fuming...make my sister a toy is it? After her magic only were you? A pawn in your games? Wanting to have her for lunch now do you. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

The Lady reaches out to calm Sara down. She is absolutely steaming in rage. The Lady manages to calm Sara's temper and tells her to listen to reason, and that this is the very reason the dark powers must return to their former realms. The angel nods and says it will be done after the council if all agree.

Smouldering with anger Sara slowly retakes her seat. Her eyes still shooting daggers.

All Spookje can do is sit and shake her head. Wondering how on earth she did not see this and could be so deceived.

Derrian looks at Dave, Spookjes half-brother, who is standing a few paces away looking at Sara and The Lady, he glances across with a look of fire in his eyes.

Derrian grins and holds up his hands "Hey I am under truce. I will not eat her….yet. Just don't bring her up to me on a golden serving plate...I am not sure I will resist the aroma should she cross the borders.”. He winks at Spookje. "You smell wonderful Beauty. Delicious so to speak."

Dave had remained silent and still up until this point, but he glances across at Dracula and gives a short nod of the head. Dracula raises his eyebrow and gently tips his head to one side in agreement. Turning to face Pacifica he walks across and stands to the side of Derrian. …… “Look Pacifica, there in the sky ……….” , as Pacifica glances up towards the sky Dave brings his heavily gauntleted right fist straight up from the elbow into Derrians face…….. There is a sickening sound of breaking bones as Derrians mouth and nose explode in fountain of blood and fangs, “Oooooooops!! ……sorry old chap, I thought you said something smelled delicious, but by the look of your nose you must have meant your own blood.” … “ Here let me help you up “… Grabbing Derrian by the collar he pulls him to his feet and with his back shielding Pacifica’s view lands another fist straight into Derrians gut. Leaning towards his ear Dave whispers a few words .. “ I didn’t like you when you first stepped foot in Lorien, and I told you then I wouldn’t stop watching you. Well it looks like I was right all along your majesty. Oh and by the way, I think you should thank Pacifica for your realm, because if it were up to me you’d be staked at the post in the mid day sun…and I would watch you burn …..Now get back on your feet and don’t say another word.”

Pacifica sensing the ruse pulled by Dave, but secretly laughing, ignores Derrians whimpers and looks across to Spookjes once more. Dracula, still angry still finds time to smirk at Dave.

“And that is what I mean with the Light and the Dark having their separate realms”.

Pacifica watches the silver tears in Spookjes eyes. A calming white light engulfs the night elf giving her comfort.

Pacifica then turns to Dracula.

“Shall we set our terms then People of Lorien?”

Dracula nods, and Pacifica turns to the council.

“The dark vampires shall get their realm back and their lands. The dark king will have it again and rule once more, though he will answer to you, Dracula, as Lord of the Underworld.”

“Shantor, as a Fire Master you are governed by your own sense of dark and light, and though you choose of your own free will to walk this realm, your magic is not subject to our problem, you may live in peace or war as your desire shall want.”

Pacifica then turns to the Commander. “You are to give up your magic powers Commander, all of them if we are to restore this balance. I am going to separate the elemental dragon from you so as creation is not destroyed. You will be in your Elven form. Your dark powers will be taken from you, though the shape-shift gift made pure by the Lady shall remain. This has no bearing on magic.”

Dave agrees and asks “ What of my brothers, the Elemental Dragons?”

"They are to return to their respective realms.”… “ You shall have no further contact.”

Dracula then eyes his daughter and step-daughter. "Sara is the only vampire being to be allowed to phase between the vampire and the real world. Her powers are neutral they can remain as they are if that is agreeable?”…. “It is”… smiled Pacifica.

“Lucien is half elf, half vampire and a wizard to boot, this makes him a liability to all - his powers cannot be left unlimited so I give him this choice ---- whilst in the realm of Elves he shall be as an Elf , if he desires his powers back I will grant him a one way ticket to the Vampire realm where he may practice his wizardry. Though he may never return to Lorien if he chooses this path.”

Dracula looks at Pacifica . “I am Spookjes father, and Sara's stepfather, I will be watching them as that is a bond which cannot be severed.” Pacifica nods. “It is true.”

Pacifica eyes the crowd.

“The Lady Galadriel, fair maid of the forest, mother of the Lorien, I return to you your forest and your lands. I also bestow a gift upon you and your people. “ …. Pacifica claps her hands and a shaft of pure white light arches to the former site of the Vampires Castle. Rising from the ground is a second Castle of pure white Marble and Crystal. “ By removing the original Castle, Demonia had left an imbalance, I hope this building is more to your liking My Lady”.

“Those were the terms, that is what needed to be done. Welcome to the new Lorien………… What say you Lorien?”

And so --- the new chapter in Loriens long history begins --- the rest is yet to be lived, before it can be written……………………………….

(From the diary of Spookjes and her half-brother Dave)
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The Fall and Rise of Lorien
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