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 Lalou Desfleurs

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Lalou desfleurs

Lalou desfleurs

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PostSubject: Lalou Desfleurs   4/25/2011, 11:10 am

Character Name:
Race: There is a list under the information section.
Age: Both looks and Years depending on race
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: very desert elf like
Weight: 65
Height: 175
Eye Color: brown with a white silver of the moon arounfd the iris
Likes:Flowers, perfumes, spices, the moonlight, the feel of th wind and Daer
Dislikes: wolf traps, orcs, trols werewolves, wolftrappers
Personality: Once the moon is full I shapeshift in my woflfor, I can use my enhances sense to find rare flowers which I rememebr to gather for persumes and incense. I am a very shy elf and fear plenty because of my past
Weapons: none
Abilities: Midwife, perfume maker and incense maker, ability to shapeshift into a wolf once the moon is out
Alignment: Good
Biography: I am a deser t elf. As a child I disobeyed the guard patrol and stayed out to play in the snaddunes at a full moon. I was bitten by my people's enemies the werewolf. because of my elven nture the curse could not take effect and turn me in a werewolf , but a moon makes me shapeshift into the wolf. I do not have an elven reflection in my elven form in the water reflection on will see a wolf. And if I am in my wolfself my elven form will be seen. I have been feared and huntend for my white pelt, all I do as a wofl is use my enhanced senses for flower hunting

In Lorien I found safety and by grace of the Lady. I managed to gain a little control ove rmy wolfself and now I shapeshift at night when I please. During the day I can tune in to my wolf sense and use it to monitor pregnancies and sense if all is well. The necklace i used to have that will allow anyone to see what I see my love Daer has so he can sense where I am. Any massage oils, oils for sore muscles or perfumes I can make.

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Lalou Desfleurs
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