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 Spookje Feredir

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Spookje Feredir

Spookje Feredir

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PostSubject: Spookje Feredir   4/21/2011, 12:03 pm

Character Name:Spookje Feredir
Race: Elf
Age: (looks 24)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Blonde ivory skin
Weight: 60 kg
Height: 175cm
Eye Color: Blue
Likes: Racerideron Feredir, my violin and being an imp
Dislikes: orcs, beign very cold
Personality: A playfull imp skillfull with the violin. If I dont do anythign impish I am very ill. Yet I have a very gentle heart.
Weapons: violin and a bow and arrow
Weapon Description: My violin was a very dark instrument belonging to my father after I got changed into the light elf my violin changed with me. I can heal you with it, help you sleep or hypnotize you with it. My bow and arrow are made perfect to my size by my dear husband. I am not veyr skilled yet but learning rapidly
Abilities: PLaying my violin, knitting, making ginger tea, shooting arrows
Alignment: Good
Biography: I am the daughter of Dracula and inherited his powers as a vampire. In a clash of dark and light the dark forces tried to claim me as their own. The kind lady and my adoptive brther the commander intervenend secretely taking me out of the council. With the help of my father and my dear brother I was given my true elven form and thsus became a creature of the light. I am an imp and love to laugh and play my wonderful instrument. Futher more I am deeply in love with my elven husband and bowmaster Race. I tyry too keep everyone's life interesting impish as I am but with a kind heart
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Spookje Feredir
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