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 A halloween elf

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Lalou desfleurs

Lalou desfleurs

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PostSubject: A halloween elf   10/30/2011, 3:39 pm

An elf hurries to my chambers. "Hurry up it is Spookje she is in pain oh and she also claims if I cant do anythign about it I had better leave or she wil send elfs and bats and orcs. Suddenly she craves candied apples and now she tossed them away."

I hear another scream of pain and dahs off. My eyes search her. Oh yes labor pain a bit early to say the least. Toss the applles aside.
"Get rRace opverhere is he wants to hold that little boy because I dont think he is going to wait any longer, well unless he wants a raincloud over his head permanently from his son."
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A halloween elf
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