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 Nim's Twins

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Lalou desfleurs

Lalou desfleurs

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PostSubject: Nim's Twins   8/31/2011, 7:11 pm

Woken up with a start with loud knocking what is that. Watch Daer get up sleepily who is that. Watch ROn dagsh into the room "Get up gget up now it has started oh Lalou dont look so confusedthey singed my hair and it is snowing at the same time." Rub sleep out of my eyes. "What are you talking about.....oHHHHHH why did you not say NImmie needs me."Jump out of bed. Grab stuff push Ron out of the way.

Flop down on Nimmie's nbed shoot Ron a glare either be helpfull or I will let your daighter singe your hair a little more."Hand ron herbs "Now start mixing tht is cooling herb got that form the ice dragon mix that with warm water will you. In another flask kindly mix this herb from fire dragon to cool that cold unless youw ant to live in a sauna iglo."

Watch Nim. 'Dont look so angyr breathe swallow the potios will you."Humm a soft lullaby as I begin to lay ut cloth and order Ron to ready two small beds. Mmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm. Gaze at Nimmie. "How you doing ohh well I see. Gaze at the moon and close my eyes. Begin to smile. "Nimmie time it is bring them into the world, dont let them wait. You can do this. Melt intop my moonwofl aura gently. "Let go Nimmie let nature guide you don't le t them wait. Deep breathe and push."
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Nim's Twins
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