Galadriel Woods

Roleplaying in a fantasy setting.
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Roane Y Môr

Roane Y Môr

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PostSubject: captured   7/9/2011, 4:15 pm

I have no more salty tears to shed. My sela skin has been taken, the smell of the waters gone. I did not know that there could be so much cruelty everywhere. The orcs are harsh. My hands bleed my feet are bruised. They theaten every night to burn the veyr seal skin to allow me to live. I do not care anymore. The harsh straw is painful to my skin. They speak a coarse language , I do not understand that alll I understand is the cruelty. My shoulders still burn from that whip whatever that creature who carries it is called. The keep me away from water I have no power here nothing. I wonder if even here my soul will wonder the waters again so that I may come and go if I please. Or am I to be cursed to a life of misery?
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Alagos Bellrauthien

Alagos Bellrauthien

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PostSubject: Captured   7/9/2011, 4:32 pm

Wonder the badlands with my warhorse Faran. Scouting the area for enemies. I do hear noises. Allow my horse to slow. Interesting an orc patrol and they seem terribly proud of themselves too. Keep hidden in the shadows and watch. I see them jeer and poke at something in a cage. Dismount from my horse appraoch a little closer and keeping well hidden in the shadows I observe for a while. Looks to me like a strange elf. He hands are bleeding. She looks tired hopeless. Wtach the orcs jeer and threaten to put somethign in the fire. A very sleek fur. I see her eyes pain at the sight of that threat. Grip my weapon, my eyes harden. I have sene enough. Jump out from the shadow and slit the orc's throat in one smooth motion . Lift the fur from his hands. "That was never yours anyway."I hiss.
I am greatly outnumbered but soon I have a heap of stinking orcs in a pile of rubble all very dead. all very dead. Cut the locks on the cage and free the strange elf. Hand the sleek fur to her . I watch her stare.
"But that...."
Ïs yours, are you injured? Can you walk. "
The fur smells of sltiness of sea.
Feel my vision waver for a minute. When I look back all I still hear is a splash. The blood that was on the bandages I wante to use gone changed to water smelling of sea.. I struggle to get back to Faran and mount him.
"Which as once steady int he saddle I check my arm. "Orc arrow and orc poison oh blasted all."

Look at my faithful warhorse. "Get back to lorien and find Kelly , she must know something before I do collaps in an orc poison cloud. Take a cloth and tighten a tourniquet above the arrow wound to slow the pooison flow. "Go faran before I do collaps."
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