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 Sigil's birthday

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Rhavaniel Anira

Rhavaniel Anira

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PostSubject: Sigil's birthday   7/4/2011, 7:42 am

Lick my fingers as I study the chocolate orc cake with a warrior on a big warhose stabbing the orc to his death, that is a perfect birthdya cake. Light all of the candles so that it looks like the warrior is in a blazing flame or glory destroying the chocolate orc. Lick the crem afrom my fingers. Take the wrapped parcel I have with me as well a gorgeous dragon hide warrior cloak embroidered carefully with pearl dragon scales. I had been nagging the merchant abotu it for mothns and months. So much nagging that there even is a fur lining of dark dragon fur to keep out the rain. . Wonder over to Sigil tent and sing a Very VERY loud happy birthday a little out of tune to a snoring Sigil who wakes u p very sleepily. Watch with a girn place the huge cake on his lap and the parcel next to him and kiss him. Happy birthday
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Sigil's birthday
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