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 Checking on Nim

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Lalou desfleurs

Lalou desfleurs

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PostSubject: Checking on Nim   7/3/2011, 4:22 am

Humming and taking my stuff to check on Nim. iN the room I sto and stare in surprise. There are strawberries in the air one part being made strawbery flambe by afrie cloud and the other half being iced starwberries by an icecloud. and Nim munching strawberries and reading how to kill orcs and teaching your elf child to decapitate them properly. Sigh.
"How about killing the ice and fire cloud because I need t inspect you three."
Shake my head with a smiel ad the strawberries clater on a plate. Inpect Nims tummy one art very veyr hot one very very cold. Stare at Ron munching a plate of fried egg.. "How did you?"
Watch ROn munch. "Oh very usefull you knw, I can fry an egg on Nimmie's hot part of her belly so we have fried eggs every morning."
Strea at Ron. "you ry eggs on Nimmie's tummy?????"
Ron nods and begins to sum up what else. "Oh yes and ice cream on the cold side, fried eggs "..."
Hold up my hand. "Ermmm I dont need that many details, listen to the hildren, ok I just learned enough detail already."They are healthy."I lok at Nimm. "Bedrest for you not tooo much mving aroudn I do mean that. "
Gte my things watch Nim giggle and return to reading and watch Ron crack another egg and start bakng it on Nim's belly. "
Mumble something and wonder back out to get a cup of tea I need to recover from seeing that.
"Lalou you sure you dont want a fried egg?"I hear him yell. "they are good you know."
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Checking on Nim
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