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 breakfast Rhav style

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Rhavaniel Anira

Rhavaniel Anira

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PostSubject: breakfast Rhav style   6/23/2011, 4:15 am

Grab a can of coffee, grab sime eggs and siome roast beast in thr pocess. Grab a few pieces of toast, snatch some figs as well. Wonder to Sigil's quarterswith my prize. Listen to one of the elven sputter that Sigil is asleep and will be available for questions later. Sigh as I look at him. "Ohhh go get yourself some coffee, he will be highly upset if you leave his breakfast."Look at the orderly. "I believe I will bring that breakfast myself."Take brakfast ignore the splutters and stick my tongue out to the orderly wo now gives upi. Walk right into Sigil's quarters. Smile mm still fast asleep. Study him for a while. Put the tray on the side nestle myself quite comfy next to him and sip my coffee and wait
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breakfast Rhav style
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