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PostSubject: THE AGE OF CREATION   5/26/2011, 10:54 am


In the beginning there was nothing, or rather, there was a lack of anything, until in an instant, in that which we call the dimension of time, the Creator blinked into existence followed an instance later by the Destroyer. As with all things in the physical world, everything has to have its opposite in order to exist. Light cannot exist without dark, good without evil, or the future without a past, and so it is with the the Creator. His opposite is the Destroyer.

Fortunately, as in the rest of the universe, these two states operate in constant state of flux, with one taking precedence over the other for differing periods of time, and in differing intensities. If this wasn't so then creation would be destroyed the moment it came into being and nothing would exist.

And so it was that the Creator formed the stars and the planets of the universe and bound them in a near endless cycle of movement and change. The Destroyer added time to the mix to ensure that stars burnt out, rogue planets careered through the universe causing chaos, and areas of nothing were placed into which anything coming close enough would be drawn in and destroyed. (The astrologers called these areas of absence, Black Holes or Anti-Matter Voids). In this way balance was ensured in the Creators universe, with nothing being infinite.

It was on one of these planets, an Omega type lump of various elements, that the Creator decided on his latest project. The planet revolved in an elliptical orbit around a class A star that provided enough heat and light to support carbon based life forms, a favourite form of the Creator. The diversity and range of this type of life form was almost endless and the ability to use the same elemental mix of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen, plus a few other minor elements, was one of the Creators greatest achievements, He found he could combine these elements in such ways as to produce plants and animals as varied as his imagination, and he did.

After many thousands of experiments, on many thousands of planets, the Creator designed this planet in two stages. The fist stage was to introduce four creatures which he had successfully developed in the past and let them work together to sculpt the planets surface. These were the four Elemental Dragons. Fresabe the blue water dragon, Therianthrope the red fire dragon, Garvineal the white air dragon and Elldarius the brown earth dragon. To each of these mighty creatures he imbued a a limited supply of raw magic to place within their respective realms to be accessed by the life forms he would later introduce. The dragons however were not allowed to make this magic available to any specific user, but must distribute it evenly for all to access if they possessed the ability to do so. The Creators final rule was that the four dragons could only use their unique powers to keep a state of balance on the planet and were not permitted to interfere in the lives of the inhabitants unless this state of balance was threatened. A final addition to this early stage was one of the Creators trusted staff, his Angel Pacifica, a creature born of pure good magic who shared the creators mind and therefore his will, and whose task was that of an observer and link to the Creator.
As in all things in this physical dimension though there has to be an opposite and the Destroyer sent his creature, Demonica, to provide him with the link to this the Creators latest project.

The second stage followed later, after the terraforming of the planets surface and atmosphere by the four elemental dragons, that of populating the planet with its carbon based life-forms. Plants both advantageous and detrimental to other species, along with a myriad of animal based species were introduced, and allowed to evolve over countless millennia, until the familiar mix of creatures we find living now on the planet we call home.
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