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 Commander Dave

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PostSubject: Commander Dave   5/19/2011, 8:11 pm

Character Name:
Dave Colley (Therianthrope Excellus)

Race: Mostly Northern Forest Elf , part Drow Elf. (Many generations past)
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: White Hair, toned and lean.
Weight: 170lbs
Height: 1.8m
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Likes: Order, Humour, Family, Whisky and music.
Dislikes: Intolerence, Dark Forces, Vampires, Orc's and Sago pudding.
Personality: I am prepared to give anyone a fair hearing, but I will not trust easily. I have no qualms about executing my enemies.
Religious Stance: I revere and worship the Creator.
Weapons: Sword and mace, but trained in all weaponry. I also have my shape-shifting characteristic, a formidable weapon in itself.
Weapon Description: My sword was forged from obsidian reinforced steel in the Mountains of
Thunder. It possesses the ability to destroy Dark Lords and other dark creatures.
Abilities: I can shape shift into any animal form and take on its characteristics.
Alignment: Good.
Biography: Born and raised in the Northern Marches to a farming family I was approaching my 18th summer when the Dark Lords stripped us of our lands. He put to death all who not serve him and held hostage my family if I did not take the Trial of the Dark Warrior. My cousin Ron, now my true blood brother, and I were forced into the Dark Lords Army, I as a shape shifter and Ron as a healer. We escaped some 28 years later and fled South to the lands of the free Elves.
Lady Galadriel took us in and we pledged our lives to her and Lorien. After a particularly dark incidence the Lady removed my Dark curse and replaced it with the light of the Elven race leaving me forever her Champion of the light. My blood sister the Lady Spookjes was put under my care by her father and after a tricky medical procedure she became my blood sister, my love of music and ability to play are side benefits from the transfusion.
The Lady Galadriel and I have found that our love for each other has grown over time and continues to this day. In recognition to my services to Lorien I was placed in command of her armies of brave and true warriors, a post I hold now in name only as I have taken a seat on the Elders Council.
Lorien is now both my heart and my home and I shall die serving her and my family.
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Commander Dave
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