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 Alagos Bellrauthien

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Alagos Bellrauthien

Alagos Bellrauthien

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PostSubject: Alagos Bellrauthien   5/18/2011, 4:51 pm

Character Name: Alagos Bellrauthien
Race: Norther mountain elfAge: Both looks and Years depending on race
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: See profile picture
Weight:80 kg
Height: 1m80
Eye Color: dark brown
Likes: riding, sword fighting, good company, hunting, scouting
Dislikes: Mountain trolls, dark wolves, dark orcs
Personality: very thoughtful very calm except when it comes to harming incocent elves and creatures
Weapons: Combat cross
Weapon Description: a multifunctional weapon , containing an iron crucifix used to repel evil, and a retractable chain quenched with Holy Water which is hidden inside. a very effective weapon against the undead.

Abilities: excellent fighting skills able to defend from magic because of the weapon. Very acrobatic
Alignment: Good

Biography: I come from the Nothern mountains. Very rough terrain very beautiful terrain. I am a soldier and am part of a patrol there or I WAS. I was happily married to one of the most beautiful and loving elven women one can possibly have. One day while I returned form a patrol there was screaming form the village and fire. Th mountain trolls hhad breeched the defenses and were slaughtering the entire village. Everywhere there was death and blood. I dashed off home to find my wife only to find her dead, killed by the mountiantroll. I took her body with me I buried her in her favorite cave and sealed the enterance so that no mountain troll or evil scavenger would disturb her body.

There was nothing left for me so I left and wondered until I came on adwarven village under the attack of ahuge dakr wolf. I killed the dark wofl , it killed my faithful horse as well before I could finish it. Fromthen it was on foot to Lorien. Here I found a home and a new patrol. All I have from my wife are memories a a small heliantrope plant she always used to love so much.
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Alagos Bellrauthien
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